Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Satu Setengah Jam

Baru saja saya membuka jendela kamar saya.
Fiuhh..Panasnya bukan main

Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Satu setengah jam setelah saya menapakkan kaki di kondominium ini.
Satu setengah jam setelah saya berlama-lama menunggu bus di halte untuk mengantar saya pulang,
dan satu setengah jam pula setelah saya memenuhi antrian di bank untuk mengambil kiriman uang bulanan saya..


Pikiran saya mendadak kembali ke masa-masa dimana setiap pukul 6 pagi saya harus terbangun, mandi, dan berdiri di depan kaca untuk memakai rok panjang abu-abu, blus putih dan selembar kain yang harus dilipat sedemikian rupa sehingga menutupi kepala saya. Menjadi jilbab.

Betapa saya merindukan saat-saat saya terbangun, dan mengeluh kepada pagi yang terlalu cepat datang. Yang ada di pikiran saya hanyalah kejenuhan selama 3 tahun menjadi anak SMA yang hanya dihantui tugas bertumpuk-tumpuk, ulangan harian, presentasi-presentasi, dan tentunya ujian semester. Saya rindu saat-saat saya mengucapkan salam kepada guru-guru dan berlari kecil menuju gerombolan teman-teman di sepanjang koridor kelas. Hmm..Saya ingin mendengarkan kembali tawa-tawa riang yang diselingi lengkingan dan teriak-teriakkan kebahagiaan itu.

Terbayang jelas ruang kelas berbentuk persegi dengan satu lemari guru berwarna abu-abu d pojokkan kelas, yang dilengkapi dengan 20 meja dan kursi beserta satu papan tulis. Benda-benda itulah yang menjadi saksi betapa saya sering merasakan kebosanan yang amat sangat ketika diterangkan tentang molekul-molekul dan atom-atom kimia, kecepatan dan daya dalam fisika, angka-angka pada matematika, bahkan tidak sengaja tertidur ketika mendengarkan penjelasan guru Bahasa Indonesia saya. Betapa saya rindu menelungkupkan kepala saya diantara kedua tangan di atas meja hijau tua itu..

Tidak ada lagi rutinitas berkumpul di dpan kelas saat jam istirahat pertama, karena yang saya temukan sekarang adalah sebuah plaza yang luas dengan beratus pasang meja dan kursi yang diduduki orang-orang yang berbeda kultur dan latar belakang. Saya sudah kuliah. Saya berada di dunia yang sesungguhnya. Tidak ada lagi canda riang yang menyelinap di antara kepenatan masa-masa puberitas, karena yang ada sekarang hanyalah 'aku' dan 'diriku sendiri'..

Sunday, June 22, 2008


year 10..
2 years later
And then were gonna be the HERO ;)
It is not an easy thing to forget all the moments we've passed..
It is not an easy thing to say graduate,
And it never would never be an easy thing to be separated

I miss those laughter
I miss those chaos
I miss those happiness
I miss our 'putih abu2' stuffs
I miss our routine assembly on Monday morning
I miss our '9hours- per-day-studying'

July, 18th 05 - June, 21st 08
Im gonna miss those 1068 days..

Operator, The Line Is Dead

I guess i never wanted this, another 'ever after' kiss
Oh Operator, the line is dead..Oh no, it's only me and all the walls inside my head
And for the record I was lost, with only one road I could never cross..And that's the road that takes me here
Oh no, not again..This is where it started
I need you, I'm for you..You threw me, I caught you
Don't leave me and say that you want to find a way back
Believe me, I followed all you said..Oh Operator, the line is dead

How come you never look away? Everybody bought, but I paid
You're not the one who left me here
Oh no, that was me and all the things I wanted
But now I find you different..You broke up all the walls in my head
Please don't go, let me

Need you, I want you..You know that I found you..Don't leave me and say that you want to find a way back
Believe me, I followed all you said..Oh Operator, the line is dead
I guess i never wanted this..Another 'ever after' kiss..OhOperator, the line is dead
Oh no, it's only me and all the walls inside my head

I need you, I'm for you..You threw me, I caught you..Don't leave me and say that you want to find a way back
Believe me, I followed all you said..Oh Operator, the line is dead
I need you, I'm for you..You threw me, I caught you
Don't leave me and say that you want to find a way back
Believe me, I followed all you said..Oh Operator, the line is dead

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 14th on 18th

June, 18th 2008
Four days after national exam announcement

Eventually, I am officially not a high-school student anymore =p I was authorized finishing this 3years-studying.

Im not in the mood of sharing something. Apart from that I just wanna say that every cloud has a silver lining. Sorrow and difficult times always lead to better days. Trust it =)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Get to Know Her!

She's my beeeeeeeeest partner in crime! Hahahaha..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just For Your Information

I have nothing special to be posted this time. But, FYI currently I'm severely falling in love with special effects made by grungy papeeeers..and also those magnificent textured papers.This picture below is one of my credits

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm unable to fight

I'm currently overloaded. Overwhelmed. Totally unindated.
I'm at the edge of a 'gorge'.
Could somebody help me, pleaseee?


It's over and done,
but the heartache lives on inside
And who's the one you're clinging to
instead of me tonight?

And where are you now, now that I need you
Tears on my pillow
wherever you gocry me a river that leads to your ocean
You'll never see me fall apart

In the words of a broken heart
it's just emotions taking me over
Caught up in sorrow
lost in the song
but if you don't come back
Come home to me, darling
don't you know there's nobody
left in this world to hold me
tight nobody left in this world to kiss goodnight

Goodnight, goodnight

Monday, June 2, 2008

How Messy This Morning!

I was awoke this morning by mommy shaking my body and my father yelling he would go to his office. My mom got me know that she had to attend someone's funeral. I just shook my head, signing that I understood, despite the fact that I answered it with a half of my mind. Last night I was present at my father's hospitality in outdoor restaurant until late night, therefore it was a fatiguing morning, and I was definitely a sleepyhead. Fortunately, its a leisure day (not actually), so I am free! Then, I turned on my television, but I didn't find any entertaining programs. Its all awkward. So, I directly turned on my laptop, clicked on the modem and started 'surfing'.

Wait..Wait..There was something annoying. Sorry to say that my nose was full with slime. Ugh, Ive been got this sucks cold since I got back from Yogyakarta, and haven't stopped until this day, even though ive eaten those soporiferous medicines. So, two hand-kerchiefs accompanied me checking my email status and updating this blog.

Unfortunately, suddenly the electricity turned off itself. Urrrgggh, enoooough..! Enough with these annoying things! I was mad, but I realized I couldn't do anything. I hoped that it would directly turn on sooner or later, but it didn't. Yep, how messy this day! Finally, I got my lunch at dining room, and tried to enjoy the delightful of my lunch (actually it was so-called brunch, not lunch). Then, I aspired to entertain myself by watching GossipGirl (haha..its so last year =p) on my battery-laptop. But, poor me..Suddenly the battery was low, and..you guess..yes, it dropped and turned off directly!Hufff..

But, suddenly, my mom asked me to follow her accompanying her friend and surrounding the malls. Hahaha..For this time, it sounds great! So, I accompanied her and I just back from this 'drop-electricity-fleeing'.

Nothing special, I know. But, just enjoy it =)


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Story About Young Buddies

As I slept last night, I unintentionally was mindful of the photos which are sticked on my wall-frame. And when I got up this morning, directly I took a picture of them by my phone camera (unfortunately I have no scanner, anywaaay..). I love collecting my childhood photographs, since I was a new-born baby until I was regularly a little girl (but many of them were not found), and occasionally I fixed them on the wall.

Moreover, when I already captured them into my phone gallery, I transfered it into my laptop and I remade them by a glaze of vigorous photoshop effects =)

By the way, my mommy has ever told me that she loved to take a picture of my brother and me anytime she wanted -not only when there was a special moment- You can take a look to the first picture. It doesn't make any sense, right? Hahaha..I was like a lost toddler =p She also ever told me that I always neglect the camera at the plenty of time -Indeed it's 180degrees contrary with me now Hahaha..- Furthermore, my brother used to stay awake of me when there is a camera tried to capture us. At the second photo, the story goes when my mommy with 2 of my older cousins dropped me into a photo studio, on the other hand, when the camera started to capture, I was gonna hop over my mom..Soo, you can enjoy the print of my anxiety-ridiculous face..Hehehe..

P.S: I just realized that almost in every single pict of my brother and me (some are not stunted on it), I always stay over his right side. Perhaps, I have been became conscious that my brother's right side is the best angle..hehehe..

Daunt Time

So here I am again. I havent yet take my body into the shower. I havent yet arrange the plan to do today. Mayhap I obviously will do nothing this day. I repeatedly change the fucking tv channel, and I decide to stuck on this program. Any suggestion anyway..?

Fourteen Days Counted Down

Three years studying will be ascertained in more 2 weeks! Yes, 14th of June is the day when we get the announcement about our national final exam which was held approximately 1,5 months back. My heartbeat is like dag-dig-dug-dag-dig-dug-dag-dig-dug..Hehe..Certainly I really really hope that we, as the first generation, are going to make a blissful memory and sweet remembrance. I always pray the best for us, buddies..


11.50 A.M
It has already been 4 hours since I woke up. I stucked in front of this digital notebook, and I had nothing to do beside logging in to my several accounts, and I know it sounds silly.

Whatever it Takes

People say love
Comes and goes, but
They don't understand

What they don't know
Cause, what I feel starts

Deep inside It's kinda like a sea
That springs into life
They say it's not right
And we move too fast
But they don't know the meaning
Of what we have

Wherever it is, I'll fly
Whatever it takes, I'll try

So don't pay no mind
To whatever people say
Whenever it is in my life
Know that I will be on time

'Cause you know why
There's no standing in our way

When you're far and

We're apart
I'm really missing you
I wanna be where you are
They say it's not right
And it won't last
No point believing

What we have

Wherever it is, I'll fly
Whatever it takes, I'll try
So don't pay no mind
To whatever people say

Whenever it is in my life

I'll be on time
'Cause you know why

There's no standing in my way

(12.31 A.M)