Monday, June 2, 2008

How Messy This Morning!

I was awoke this morning by mommy shaking my body and my father yelling he would go to his office. My mom got me know that she had to attend someone's funeral. I just shook my head, signing that I understood, despite the fact that I answered it with a half of my mind. Last night I was present at my father's hospitality in outdoor restaurant until late night, therefore it was a fatiguing morning, and I was definitely a sleepyhead. Fortunately, its a leisure day (not actually), so I am free! Then, I turned on my television, but I didn't find any entertaining programs. Its all awkward. So, I directly turned on my laptop, clicked on the modem and started 'surfing'.

Wait..Wait..There was something annoying. Sorry to say that my nose was full with slime. Ugh, Ive been got this sucks cold since I got back from Yogyakarta, and haven't stopped until this day, even though ive eaten those soporiferous medicines. So, two hand-kerchiefs accompanied me checking my email status and updating this blog.

Unfortunately, suddenly the electricity turned off itself. Urrrgggh, enoooough..! Enough with these annoying things! I was mad, but I realized I couldn't do anything. I hoped that it would directly turn on sooner or later, but it didn't. Yep, how messy this day! Finally, I got my lunch at dining room, and tried to enjoy the delightful of my lunch (actually it was so-called brunch, not lunch). Then, I aspired to entertain myself by watching GossipGirl (haha..its so last year =p) on my battery-laptop. But, poor me..Suddenly the battery was low, guess..yes, it dropped and turned off directly!Hufff..

But, suddenly, my mom asked me to follow her accompanying her friend and surrounding the malls. Hahaha..For this time, it sounds great! So, I accompanied her and I just back from this 'drop-electricity-fleeing'.

Nothing special, I know. But, just enjoy it =)


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