Sunday, June 1, 2008

Story About Young Buddies

As I slept last night, I unintentionally was mindful of the photos which are sticked on my wall-frame. And when I got up this morning, directly I took a picture of them by my phone camera (unfortunately I have no scanner, anywaaay..). I love collecting my childhood photographs, since I was a new-born baby until I was regularly a little girl (but many of them were not found), and occasionally I fixed them on the wall.

Moreover, when I already captured them into my phone gallery, I transfered it into my laptop and I remade them by a glaze of vigorous photoshop effects =)

By the way, my mommy has ever told me that she loved to take a picture of my brother and me anytime she wanted -not only when there was a special moment- You can take a look to the first picture. It doesn't make any sense, right? Hahaha..I was like a lost toddler =p She also ever told me that I always neglect the camera at the plenty of time -Indeed it's 180degrees contrary with me now Hahaha..- Furthermore, my brother used to stay awake of me when there is a camera tried to capture us. At the second photo, the story goes when my mommy with 2 of my older cousins dropped me into a photo studio, on the other hand, when the camera started to capture, I was gonna hop over my mom..Soo, you can enjoy the print of my anxiety-ridiculous face..Hehehe..

P.S: I just realized that almost in every single pict of my brother and me (some are not stunted on it), I always stay over his right side. Perhaps, I have been became conscious that my brother's right side is the best angle..hehehe..

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nadra loves MU said...

hahags .. lucu bangett :D
masii cupu cupu ..