Sunday, January 11, 2009


Fretfully I tried to open my eyes this morning as my dad yelled at me and my brother to take a bath, in order to be in airport in time. Today my brother is going to back to Kuala Lumpur again realizing that he has a settled job now. As I got up this morning, I felt there is something wrong with my body, in healthy case. I felt cold and was sneezing repetitively. My nose was watering. My head was little bit dizzy. Okay, I'm ill now.

While we were on the way to the airport, my dad, my mom, and my brother did any smalltalk. Apart from that I got busy with my Black Berry and decided not to talk a lot. After we arrived to the airport, my mom and me went to a cafe and ordered a glass of freshly squeezed juice while my dad seeked for a car park. My brother checked in and got busy with his luggage. After he was done, we went toward a lounge to have a lunch. I was not in the mood, so I decided to postpone my lunch. I still felt unhealthy, that is why i had no desire to eat even a little.

This unhealthy condition ruins my day a lot. I have no desire to do anything besides sleeping like a pig. I just lied down on the bed and watched television along the afternoon until I fell asleep. I just realized that I was restless for a couple of days. I went sleep above 00.00 am and woke up at 05.00, though I used to continue my sleep and woke up around 08.00. I was sleepless and just felt unwell in the noon. However, I did not mind about it all until now, I felt my sanity is being hampered.

Healthy means a lot. We are unable to do anything if something's wrong happen with our sanity. I tried to cherish my own healthy in order to do my thing without any nuisance. Moreover, I'm away from my parents. I have to take care of my self even though my parents still take control of me and ensure that I am fine at all.

Afterwards I had my meal tonight, my mom gave me a medicine to get my health back.
And now, I'm waiting for the working of this soporiferous pill.

Wish me get well soon!


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